Rental accounts shared with credit reference agencies will stay on your report for six years after they are closed, whether settled by you or defaulted. Rental Exchange data is not used to add people onto marketing lists, and they do not use your rental payment information to create a list of people who shouldn’t be offered credit. Any or all of the data credit providers may be used within automated processes and from time to time Experian will perform internal statistical analysis and system testing using Rental Exchange data to ensure the accuracy of existing and future products and services.
The Rental Exchange has been developed with advice from regulators and consumer groups to ensure that we fully comply with all relevant laws, including the Data Protection Act. Your information will be kept secure and confidential, only available to a company or organisation if your tenancy information is relevant or where it is strictly necessary for them to check information about your tenancy, and when you have agreed to them doing a check. Your data may also be used for other purposes for which you give your specific permission or, in very limited circumstances, when required by law or where permitted by the Data Protection Act 1998.

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