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Living with a partner / joint account - what do we do?
Living with a partner / joint account - what do we do?

Great news! We can help

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Depending on how you pay your rent we can help:

1. Joint account - The rent is paid from your joint account in a single payment to the landlord/agent.

Here you both sign up for separate CreditLadder accounts. On your applications, each set your rent share equal to the total rent and both connect your joint account. We will then report for you both individually for the full rent amount.

2. One tenant pays the rent - One of you pays all of the rent from your own bank

The person paying the rent to the landlord/agent must be named on the tenancy. Only they would sign up and on their application, they would set their rent share equal to the total rent. They would obtain the benefit as they are managing the rental funds. This remains the case even if the second tenant transfer money towards the rent to the lead tenant.

3. You both pay separately - You each pay separate rent shares to the landlord/agent.

Both of you sign up separately for your own CreditLadder accounts, connecting your respective individual bank accounts on sign-up. You input the rent share that relates to what you pay from your own bank. Ensuring that between you the two rent shares when added together equal the total rent.

If your circumstances are not listed here please contact us on [email protected] and we can help.

Equally, if you need more information please get in touch.

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