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What is the story behind CreditLadder?
What is the story behind CreditLadder?

How we got here.

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A team of property and technology experts realised that 11 million private renters who pay their rent on time each month were not having their rent payments recognised on their credit files.

This needed to change and through a partnership with Experian, CreditLadder was launched in 2017 becoming the UK’s first rent reporting platform.

CreditLadder has now reported over £1 billion in rental payments and continues to be the UK's leading rent reporting service.

CreditLadder was also the first property technology company to utilise the latest in OpenBanking technology to further enhance the experience for their users.

In 2018 the company was extremely proud to be announced as the biggest final stage winner of HM Treasury's Rent Recognition Challenge. In the same year, we were awarded the Innovation in Credit award from the Credit and Collection Awards. The company also secured FCA approval as a Payment Institution which at the time made them one of only 15 companies to have achieved this.

In 2019 Moneynet awarded the company with the Best Credit Report Innovation.

In 2020 CreditLadder also started reporting rent payments to Equifax, therefore helping tenants to improve their Equifax credit scores.

In 2021 CreditLadder added TransUnion to its platform.

In 2022 CreditLadder added Crediva to their platform and is the only way in which tenants can report their rent payments to the 4 main Credit Reference Agencies in the UK, namely Experian, Equifax, TransUnion and Crediva.

Media coverage has been seen in a range of titles including; BBC, Which?, Money Saving Expert, Sky News, The Times, FT, The Mirror, The Sun, i News, City A.M. & Metro.

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