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How does CreditLadder work?
How does CreditLadder work?

Register, link your bank and pay rent the same way you already do.

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As a tenant, you will need to register on the CreditLadder website. You can sign up even if your landlord/agent doesn't use CreditLadder. CreditLadder does not collect your rent, and you continue to pay your rent as you do today.

During the sign-up process, CreditLadder will ask you to supply information about yourself, your rental property and details for your landlord/agent.

CreditLadder reserves the right to perform identification (ID) checks on you and your landlord. Furthermore, CreditLadder reserves the right to perform Land Registry checks to verify property ownership. These checks are performed to ensure accurate rental reporting information is supplied to Experian, Equifax and TransUnion (depending on which Credit Reference Agencies you have chosen to report rent to)

Your rent is verified by connecting your bank account to CreditLadder and by providing CreditLadder permission to read your transactions. This is performed through our FCA regulated partner TrueLayer and no banking credentials are stored. Your rent payments will be verified and then reported to the Credit Reference Agencies that you have signed up to.

Please be aware should there be any changes in the rent amount you pay, or if you move address you will need to log in to your CreditLadder account and update the details.

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